Unfair Dismissal 2 - Bargate Murray Solicitors

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For the latest retrenchment in the law of unfair dismissal, look no further than the learned discourse featuring Philip Henson, Head of Employment, at http://bit.ly/uqIweK


About Quentin

In 2004, Quentin fulfilled a lifetime ambition when he set up his own law firm, Quentin Bargate & Co. In 2006, he was joined by his old friend and former colleague, Andrew Murray, and the firm changed its name to Bargate Murray. The firm has since enjoyed rapid expansion. Quentin is an advocate for alternative dispute resolution (ADR), but he also deals with cases in court when required. He occasionally sits as an arbitrator. Quentin handles high value superyacht transactions and advice to yacht managers, owners, builders and others in the industry. He is also responsible for managing the firm's highly regarded litigation and dispute resolution practice. His other interests include photography (Elsevier has published a technical book. "Microstock Photography" written by Quentin under his "Douglas Freer" pen name on stock photography), music and his family.

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