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Nicholas Maestri Press Release

Bargate Murray has added high end residential property to its range of services for HNW and UHNW clients by appointing Nicholas Maestri as a Partner and Head of Property.For more information on our property services, click here

The New Victorians: Superyacht Tax and Regulation

In this opinion piece, Quentin Bargate, the Senior Partner of Bargate Murray, the Luxury Asset Law Firm, muses and opines on tax and regulation in the superyacht industry, and sees a link to the past and Victorian values, burnished in the heat of social media.   Read the full article.

Cyber security risks to the Superyacht industry

Following the recent media hype concerning the risks to Superyachts from cyber attack, Bargate Murray talks to cyber security expert Malcolm Taylor from G3, to separate fact from fiction and look at what can be done to mitigate cyber risk.Full article.

The Paradise Papers – The Avoidance/Evasion Debate

Since the story broke just short of a week ago, much of the western world has been consumed by the Paradise Papers leak.  Many have been quick to point the finger at the public figures whose names have turned up in the documents and attack them for alleged "tax avoidance". Is that fair?  Adam Ramlugon, Managing Partner at Luxury Asset Law Firm Bargate Murray, throws…

Am I important (to your Superyacht project)?

Quentin Bargate, the Senior Partner of Bargate Murray, the award winning Luxury Asset Law Firm, and a superyacht lawyer for longer than he cares to remember, would like to think so.Here he explains why.